What rocks our world🤘🏼


TOASTA & Co specialises in reconnecting people with their inner-child through nostalgic eating experiences. We’re all about creating meals that warm your heart, with combinations of dreamy and feel-good flavours.


Eating at TOASTA & Co is like hanging your head out of the car window and feeling the breeze, riding a trolley through the supermarket aisle when no one’s looking, sitting on a skateboard and rolling down a steep hill. TOASTA & Co brings you back to your core and reminds you to treat yo self. Let your hair down. Live a little. You be you.


TOASTA & Co is built on a foundation of cheekiness. We take pride in curating your favourite recipes and we disguise the experience with grown-up sophistication, so you can take time out from everyday adulting, guilt-free. It’s our little secret.






 "..of the many food trucks cropping up at the moment, Toasta is one you need to take notice of..."

-Broadsheet Melbourne

"Crunchy, stringy, piping hot and balanced with a king-hit of fresh herbs or veg, be warned — these cheese-filled contraptions are dangerously addictive."

-Broadsheet Melbourne